Good idea!

Dear Customer,

We, as fathers, think there is not a better time to start thinking about good ideas! Our new Double Tee offers a functional care renewal as well as a greatgift (especially because it is great way to get rid of old, loose bibs and the presence of being a severe drooler) and clean you cluttered, dirty bibs butalso something which creates func(tion)!

Our key success is to offer a differentiated product. We developed a new fresh, sophisticated look of wearing a bib, which is entertaining the same time. We choose to source our fabrics in respectable countries close to our markets, and moreover to produce our comfort Double Tee and Double Ro within the EU to suit the best output performance! We endeavour to bring you a unique product that will inspire....


Doubledressed doesn’t just make dribbling babies look cool; they make them feel comfortable too!

Brilliant!! Looks and feels soft, and it is of a superior quality: its application suits it purpose excellent! My COMPLIMENTS!

  • Kees Stromers, Managing Director Tempo Team, The Netherlands, during BNR (Business News Radio) live!

20% additional moisture absorption through the 3 layer DESIGN!

93% cotton and 7% elastan, silky touch & colourful!

Consistent drooling application that proved itself amongst other drooling products.